Parent Body Officers

Parent Body Officers & President

Moderator Reverend Dr.Marcus A. Brown
1st Vice Moderator Reverend Dr.William Randolph, Jr.
2nd Vice Moderator Reverend Lymon Gains, Jr.

Recording Secretary

Sister Chana R. Graham
Asst Recording Secretary Sister Marie Winfrey
Corresponding Secretary Sister Florence Randolph
Treasurer Reverend Roderick Jones
Asst. Treasurer/Financial Secretary Rev. Kenneth Bibb
Auditor Sister Bernice Hayes
Parliamentarian Sister Verna Reed
Musicians/Appointed (Organist) Sister Kathyrn Bennett
Musicians/Appointed (Pianist) Sister Josephine Justice
Registrar (Appointed) Sister Linda Morris Bray
Youth Director Sister Marie Winfrey
Youth Pastoral Advisor (Appointed) DeAndre Norvel, Sr.
WUBDA Administrator (Appointed) Dr. Johnnie M. Huston
 Web Master  Dr. Howard E. Martin, Jr

Congress of Christian Education

President Pastor, Dr. Ashton G. Allen
1st Vice President Pastor, Dr. Junior F. Greenlee
2nd Vice President Pastor, Dr. Orlando B. Yates
Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Phyllis Stewart
Dean of Christian Education (Appointed) Pastor Carlos Daniels
Dean Assistant (Appointed) Rev. Herbert Stewart
Oratorical Coordinator (Appointed) Mrs. Phyllis Stewart
Recording Secretary (Appointed)  
Congress President's Personal Assistant Sister Chana R. Graham

Former Moderator Living

46th Dr. Charles E. Spencer Gr. New Philadelphia (S)
45th Dr. James E. Pankey New St. John (C)
44th Dr. Oliver R. Williams Friendship (C)
43rd Dr. Joseph F. Young Retired First BC London (S)
39th Dr. Charles S. Brown Retired Bethel BC Dayton (S)


Ministers and Deacons Institute

President Reverend Kristopher Peterson
1st Vice President Pastor Gary Sheldon
2nd Vice President Reverend Gary Chapman
Recording Secretary  
Corresponding Secretary Reverend Clifford Ballard

Laymen's Auxiliary

1st Vice President Deacon Harry Doty
2nd Vice President Brother Nate Jordan
3rd Vice President Brother Nate Norman
Recording Secretary  
Corresponding Secretary  
Young David's Superintendent  

Women's Auxiliary

President Sister Lillie Bibb
1st Vice President Dr. Hattie S. King
2nd Vice President Sister Annette Hayes
Recording Secretary Dr. Joann Elder
Corresponding Secretary  
Children's Band Supervisor Sister Nancy Peebles-Moore
Assistant Children's Band Supervisor Sister Phyllis Stewart
Hattie Jackson Guild Supervisor  
Assistant Hattie Jackson Guild Supervisor  
Georgia Miller Supervisor  
Parliamentarian Sister Verna Reed


President Sister Skylar Marsh
1st Vice President Brother Nate Winston
2nd Vice President Sister Kals Cooper
Treasurer Brother Brendan Crump
Chaplain Brother Roger Campere
Assistant Chaplain Brother Michael Willis
Praise Leader Brother Isaiah Murray
Youth Director Sister Marie Winfrey Youth Pastoral Advisor DeAndre Norvel, Sr.

Board Member Elected from Sub-District